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Beyond the Licks

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Course Description

Are you just noodling around on the guitar without any real goals?

Do you feel like you haven’t progressed in a while or have a lack of motivation?

Perhaps you’re bored with the same licks you play over and over…


Hello and Welcome to Beyond the Licks!

In this course, not only do we dissect 20 diverse licks, but we also

  • Learn Proper Technique

  • Approach the Fretboard differently

  • Understand the Music Theory BEHIND each Lick

  • Learn how to APPLY these licks in the REAL WORLD


So why learn from ME?

I started playing the guitar almost 20 years ago. I went to university and got my Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis in Classical Guitar. Right after graduating, I was offered a full-time teaching position in the local public schools where I have built the BEST guitar programs in my city. I currently hold two teaching certifications with over 500 Professional Development hours. While teaching High School, I focused on expanding my musical career. I have worked with many artists such as:

  • Khalid (Artist)

  • John Karpowich (5-Time Grammy Producer/Engineer – Santana, Ricky Martin, Ana Gabriel)

  • Jaime Merrill (Artist)

  • Enrique Ponce (Film and Video Game Composer)

  • Erick Boseman (Rhianna, Whitney Houston)

  • And many more

Aside from teaching and being a session musician, I have authored two books and release my own music available on Amazon, iTunes, & all major streaming websites respectively.


So all that being said,

I look forward to our first lesson! Let’s plug in and get ready to have an enjoyable course where you LEARN in-depth TECHNIQUE and THEORY and we go…


Jorge “George” Salas Jr.


Who this course is for

  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Guitarists that are “stuck”