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HR Analytics Course with R

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Course Description

We welcome you to the world of Analytics!

Do you want to be a successful HR?

Do you want to brush up your skills as an HR and develop the necessary skill to deal with the workforce?

If you dream to be a professional, then we are there to help you upgrade your skills with our exclusive course.

HR analytics can better be called people analytics or talent analytics. It is that part of analytics which provides assistance to HR managers, to make decisions based on the basis of accumulated data about their employee or the workforce. It provides you with the expertise in using statistics, technology on people’s data which can help you in making better decisions that are favourable for the business and management for your company.

This course will take you on a journey where you start from scratch and calculate mean and move on to many complex parts of analytics like text analytics. Once you get over with the course, you can help you to drive the ROI for your company.

This led us to come up with a solution which provides you with a platform to learn the techniques of solving these problems in a very simple learning method.

The curriculum and the structure of the course are so simple that even if you have prior knowledge of analytics then also you won’t face any problem throughout the course.

This course will turn you into an accomplished HR who will be able to apply better-hiring practices, decrease retention, focus on automation of tasks, improve the experience of the employees, able to produce productive workforce and improve workforce planning as well.

“The Course is well crafted by the experienced minds of the industry that have a decade of experience in the field of HR and have been known for achieving milestones in the field.”

This course will make you the master of the subject as it is designed by eminent minds who have a lot of experience in the industry.

The course will teach you to:

• Investigate what part does the objective factors of the company play to influence in attrition of employees

• Understand the working environment that causes attrition

• Comprehend the steps involved in data preparation.

• Get proficient in methods to measure Central Tendency, Variability and Shape of data.

• Get involved in better hiring practices

• Learn the skill of task automation

• Acquire skill in Process improvement

• Get more competent in managing a productive workforce

Learn different types of plots

• Grasp to summarize the data graphically

• Get proficient in doing improved workforce planning through informed talent development

• Become proficient in graphical analysis of the data.

• Put in machine learning on HR Data for futuristic insights.

The profession of an HR is highly in demand and the market is always on a lookout for skilled professionals. The industry is welcoming the professionals with added certification with open arms.

This course gives you an opportunity to learn the tools needed to be a skilled HR, help you to improve workforce planning through informed talent development and recognizing and correcting errors in carrying out the HR duties that generally comes with experience.

So, if you are looking to improve your craft, this interactive course of HR Analytics gives you the confidence to become a Skilled HR.

The future of HR Analytics

There has been a systematic change in the perspective of the HR landscape, and smart organizations are adopting a data-driven approach to compete and retain top talent. Data analysis is now a necessary tool to move ahead and face challenges, and at the same time come up with great results, meet the goals and move beyond instincts. Data is playing an increasingly important role in HR analytics. Its goal is to increase the productivity and the well-being of the employee. It helps in finding people with the right skill set that contributes to a company’s ROI.

By taking up this course, you will:

• Become more positive with your skills

• Feel more inspired to work better and produce results

• Notice improvement in your working style

The course is packed with:

• Examples that are real-world and can help to make the learning process easy

• Lots of videos to make the process of learning interesting and easy.

• Tons of practical tips and advice from the experts who are from the industry itself to assist you in reaching your goal of getting into the field as a professional.

Who can take up this course?

• Data Analysis professionals who want to apply their skills.

• HR Professionals who apply data analysis into their practice.

• Managers who want to take decisions about employees based on the data.

• Students who are looking for a bright career in HR.

• Individuals who want to advance into HR, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs.

Scope of the course:

• Analyst

• HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) analyst

• Analyst, people analytics

• Analyst, people analytics and compensation

• Corporate HR – workforce analytics

• Strategic people analyst

• Manager, HR workforce reporting analytics

• Research, HR analytics

• Talent analytics manager

• HR data scientist

Words of appreciation from our Students:

1. “It’s a very good course with clear explanations with lots of practical examples. I like the whole way of the classes were conducted.” Amita Mishra

2. “I really like the curriculum that is extensive and gives a detailed knowledge of the subject. I will recommend this course to everyone who wants to have a bright career.” Aakriti Singhal

3. “It is a must to kick start your bright journey and makes it big. The course is a very good platform to learn HR analytics concepts.” Hashim Mansoor

4. “It was very much helpful and knowledgeable to grow in HR as a career. A course that will make you a full-fledged professional and you can earn a lot with it.” Shashank Lakhani

5. “The course is worth the money and time. I have never thought that this course would be so good and better than most of the courses, and I will understand things more clearly. ” Pooja Amrita Shankar Chandra

Who this course is for

  • Data Analysis professionals who want to apply their skills.
  • HR Professionals who apply data analysis into their practice.
  • Managers who want to take decisions about employees based on the data.
  • Students who are looking for a bright career in HR.
  • Individuals who want to advance into HR.
  • Business owners and Entrepreneurs.