learn illustrator,how to create high quality game graphics udemy coupon

learn illustrator,how to create high quality game graphics

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Course Description

If you make your own custom graphics in illustrator, this class is for you!

I’m going to teach you how to use illustrator(a design software) and create the  art you Because illustrator is a vector graphics software, the graphics you create will be salable and also highly versatile. You will create them once and then you can use them on any device and also any resolution! From iPhones to desktop computers.

Learning the basics of illustrator and 2d game graphics/Game Art Design will put a very powerful and useful tool at your fingertips. illustrator is very easy to learn, it has amazing documentation, and is one of the most used tools for creating vector arts.

Who this course is for:

2D game design passionate students and beginner

Students interested in illustrator and graphics designs

Who this course is for

  • beginners