Sutherland – Associate Professional – Software Developer

Sutherland – Associate Professional – Software Developer

Job Details

  • Job Type – Full-Time
  • Apply Before – September5,2020
  • Salary – Negotiable

Job Requirements

  1. Experience Required –0 Year
  2. Gender Required – Male & Female
  3. Qualifications Degree Required – Degree Bachelor
  4. Experience You Gain – Entry Level

Job Description

Company Name: Sutherland India Role: Associate Professional – Software Developer Software Developer in this role get to:Developing and testing software and maintain a software product or family of products/solution: Provide complex code modification, testing and debugging tasks. Provide high level analysis related to software design and development and solve problems.As a software engineer, the candidate should design and code: Complex units/modules/products that meet functional and business requirements on schedule and within budget.He/She should evaluate impact of software performance: And recommend changes to software design team. Effectively communicate testing activities and findings in oral and Written format and assist: In strategic research and design as directed.Key duties would include:Participate in plan, develop, build, test phases of software developmentPut forward calculated time estimates of work to be done on a projectParticipate in design, code, test-case reviews with other developersPerform unit/module testing of software to find errors and confirm programs meet specificationsWrite and maintain documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes, and correctionsDevelop and execute customer focused test cases and maintain associated recordsDevelop and utilize automated test scripts to perform dutiesRecord issues into a defect-tracking systemFollow-up and close issues entered into the defect-tracking systemQualifications:Good understanding of OOP conceptsHands-on experience in C# programmingUnderstanding of advanced concepts in .Net frameworkCLR & AssembliesEvents & Delegates, Multi-threadingNetworking: Sockets, Web Application & Web ServiceInteroperability using COM, Window APIUnit Testing Framework (NUnit), Debugging & DiagnosticsGood foundation on Design Patterns

Location: Bangalore, IN